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fjallraven kanken Seeking to protect its business ties from what it termed the men behavior, the mining giant promptly fired all four.The 10 year sentence for Hu was harsh, Australia Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said after the verdict was read out Monday by the lead judge at the Shanghai People Intermediate Court. It was unclear whether Hu or his co workers, who have been in custody in Shanghai since July, would appeal.Rio Tinto, based in London and Melbourne, is a key industry negotiator in price talks with China state owned steel mills, and the arrests of its employees last August were initially thought linked to Beijing anger over high prices it paid for iron ore a key commodity for China booming economy. That belief was shaken last week after the four pleaded guilty to taking bribes from steel mills trying to get preferential access to ore supplies.Australia said Hu sentence wouldn affect ties with China Furla Outlet0, but some experts said the secrecy of parts of the trial underlined worries companies already have about doing business in a country where legal proceedings are often opaque.The verdict also comes as other faultlines appear between Beijing and the global corporations eager to tap a fast growing market of more than 1 billion. fjallraven kanken

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