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The Swiss government has investigated the company on several occasions and it now complies with certain governed business practices. Trouble began in 2002 when Nicolas Hayek, then chairman of The Swatch Group Ltd., planned to cut supplies of PetrolHead APK ébauches to all companies outside of The Swatch Group. This radical competitive approach threatened to bankrupt many competitors and the Swiss Competition Commission launched an investigation in 2003. It concluded, in 2005, that ETA could reduce overall deliveries but had to continue supplying competitors or it would be violating Swiss cartel laws.

Also refers to white youth that imitate urban black youth by means of clothing style, mannerisms, and slang speech. TermLocation/Language of OriginTargeted DemographicMeaning Origin and NotesReferencesPaddyUnited KingdomIrish peopleDerived from Pádraig/Patrick. Pastel is Portuguese for any pastry and so is used for wonton in Brazil. , a Japanese reference to a Chinese person.CharlieUnited StatesWhite AmericansUsed in the 1960s–1970s.

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When it comes to hauling a load of equipment or passengers, a diesel engine is the better choice simply due to torque. Typically, gas engines make more horsepower, while diesels produce more torque. Natural gas buses are similar to diesel vehicles with regard to power, acceleration, and cruising speed.

  • This weekend I met loads of like-minded people, all unique in their own way, and it reminded me what’s so great about this hobby of ours.
  • An uncomplimentary but jocular and affectionate name for someone who is plump.
  • This can contribute to increased driver retention and greater overall job satisfaction.
  • Cars with range extenders have to lug around the weight of a petrol engine, fuel tank, exhaust pipes and so on.
  • This report compiles changes in domestic petroleum production, imports, refining, capacity and product movements into and out of primary storage.

The charger recognises your individual car and you’re automatically billed. Every time we’ve used a supercharger, it’s worked flawlessly and charged in the time it took to water our boots, wash hands and ‘enjoy’ a motorway services sandwich. Fast home chargers can deliver a much healthier 3.6 or 7kW, which reduces the empty to 100 per cent charge time to 27 hours, 47 minutes, and 14 hours, 17 minutes respectively. You can also find fast chargers in car parks or at the side of residential streets where there are no driveways. Right, time to see how that slow, fast and rapid charging works to get the car charged in daily use.

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The 1100 benefited from someone else’s external design. The Landcrab and Maxi were so butt ugly that no self respecting petrolhead would be seen it one. BL were in thrall of the myth they’d created, but the buying public had much more sense. I saw about 3 Americas in the wild that I can remember, and 1 example of the earlier MG 1100 “Sport Sedan”.

Think of this as my online garage to tinker in, only I’m swapping the spanners for my laptop. American-British/British-American Dictionaries An American to British dictionary and a British to American Dictionary., A large project being undertaken by the BBC to document and chart the different word-usage and accents in the British Isles. “nought | meaning of nought in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE”. “abseil – meaning of abseil in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – LDOCE”. This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States.