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Under “Status” section, you will see the current network connection status of your PC. You can see whether the PC is connected through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Also you will see an indication, you can change the connection to metered if you have a limited internet plan.

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A metered connection is extremely safe and gives no harm to the operating system. It is more secure from malicious or malware activity.

Most people have some form of social media, or look online for information, in one form or another. This means that, you can only go up to a certain amount of downloaded data before the connection is either shaped, disconnected or extended for extra cost. It is reasonable to tell Windows 10 to treat your Wi-Fi connection as metered in case if your laptop is connected to the mobile hotspot of your smartphone. This will make Windows 10 upload and download less data to prevent wasting your cellular data in vain. In this mode Windows won’t download updates, so you can use this option to postpone the installation of updates. Then, you see a summary of all the settings and properties of the wireless network that you are connected to.

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  • Now, double-click the Ethernet registry entry and change it’s value to 2.
  • For DefaultMediaCost, you will see multiple registry entries.
  • It’ll show an error if you don’t have the permission to edit the value.
  • Double-click the Ethernet key and set its value to 2.

Data usage can be directly metered so that you pay for however much data is used. However, there is a function in Windows 10 that can help you out with your capped or metered connection. In today’s age, everyone is connected and everyone is plugged in.

This behavior varies from app to app, depending on how it was programmed, and does not apply to desktop apps which should work as usual. So, in this scenario, you will have to turn off the metered connection option to let Outlook go through the network. Even if you don’t have any programs behaving like this, you can use the given methods to turn off metered connection option on Windows.

This wikiHow on wikidll teaches you how to connect your computer directly to an internet router using an Ethernet cable, as well as how to set up your Ethernet settings on Windows and Mac. You still can’t block updates from coming, but at least you get a say about when they arrive on your PC. Also keep in mind that the minute you get off a connection marked as metered, you’ll be back to automatic downloads again. From here all you need to do is click the “Set as metered connection” to switch on the “Metered Connection”. Now that you have successfully changed your active network connection to a metered one. It should open a window that looks something like below.

Depending on the apps that you are using, some may stop downloading data in the background or update their data less often. For example, OneDrive stops automatically synchronizing your files in the background, to save on bandwidth costs.