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I reformatted it back with the December 2004 updater, and all is back to normal again. The last update and this update for the G3 models are very buggy. I would suggest anyone with power off problems or the apple logo, revert back to the Dec 2004 update for the G3 and see if that fixes your problem. I DEMAND that all the new interfase features of the iPod nano be implemented in the next revision of this software to AT LEAST all the color iPods !!!

"it worked!! thanks so much now my wife still has her music in itunes with the new computer." "Thank you so much for your software, this is great, I now have my music not only on my work computer, but also at home." We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

  • Since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple no longer provides iTunes support to new phones from other manufacturers.
  • Some companies, such as Palm, tried to get around Apple’s closed system only to be shut down in subsequent iTunes updates.
  • Some podcasts are professional-grade recordings put out by organizations like, Discovery Channel, NPR, PBS and The Onion.
  • Lots of podcasts are homemade, put together on a home PC and loaded up to a server for distribution.
  • Apple’s strategy is to convince consumers to purchase Apple products and use them with Apple services.

After applying the February update, my G3 15G iPod powers Mozilla Firefox latest version off while still charging. All I get is the Apple logo, sometimes just a blank screen that won’t power on. I have to constantly reset it to get it to come back to life.

Most iPod updates only include a new version for one or two of the various units- so read before using to see if it is necessary for your unit. I have never had problems with iPod updates and this worked fine on my shuffle .

I updated my iPod (20gb 4th B&W) and now my Music Quiz won’t work. Based on reviews, the ipod upgraders have to be considered to be Apple’s "most dangerous." On just about every one of these Apple upgraders, someone or more than one macker posts negative comments. Then the next upgrader comes along and what’s the first comment? "It sucks, crashes, and destroys everything." Were there no beta testers?

Reasons To Switch From Itunes To Dearmob Iphone Manager

Maybe you forgot to unplug all the firewire cables, maybe you have some bizzare PCI card, maybe you’re running SCSI. If a particular upgrader is going to hose every mackers directory, at least post how you configured your Mac so we’ll know which Macs will be affected. Or, maybe you’re 100% right and it crashes every newly bought unmodified Mac or ipod! One more small request – then tell us why Apple’s beta testers didn’t do their jobs.

Design: Journey Through Character Modeling

We’re Mac users, not Pee Cee users, just run Apple System Profiler before posting catastrophic comments that must be taken seriously. I do take your posting seriously, at least show the courtesy of describing the circumstances in as much detail as there is.

Thank you so much for your software, this is great, I now have my music not only on my work computer, but also at home. Transfer songs or movies from your friend’s iPod to your computer. Search for songs and play music directly from your iPod without iTunes (non-iOS iPods only). MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes. This allows you to share your iPod music, photos, videos.

Having been a computer teacher and user since 1979, I am continually amazed at the ease of use and excellent capabilities Apple technology has brought to my world. iPod Updater contains the same software versions as iPod Updater for all other iPod models. thanks so much now my wife still has her music in itunes with the new computer.